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Model & Media Type


Model 632

Instrumentation, Audio & Video Tape

-inch & 1-inch NAB, IBM & 2-inch NAB reels 

Automatic Precision Programmed Tension Cleaner/Winder for Instrumentation, Audio & Video Tape. Suitable for -inch & 1-inch NAB, IBM reels, and 2-inch NAB reels. The BOW Model 632 is designed to handle reel sizes from 10.5 to 16 inches in diameter.



Model 432

Instrumentation, Data, Audio & Video Tape

- inch & 1-inch  reels on NAB, IBM or EIAJ spindle video reels

Lightweight economical high quality wind reel-to-reel magnetic tape cleaner for -inch NAB or IBM reels and 1-inch NAB reels. The BOW Model 432 Series of cleaners is designed to handle instrumentation reel sizes from 10.5 to 16 inches in diameter, computer/data tapes up to 10.5-inches, and EIAJ video tape reels of 5 and 7 inches in diameter. 


Model 532

1/4-inch reels

Precision stacking winder and cleaner for an assortment of -inch reels of magnetic tape. Accommodates spindle (cine) and NAB reels.

Model CD1200A

D1 & D2

Gently cleans and optically inspects all sizes of D1 & D2 (19 mm) cartridge tapes, including AMPEX DST and DIS, Sony D1D, etc.


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